Aten USB Cat5 Extender 50 m

Aten USB Cat5 Extender 50 m
Brand: Aten
2499 SEK
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The UCE3250 4-port USB 2.0 Cat 5 Extender is a two-unit device that serves as a USB hub and a USB extender. The UCE3250 unit can connect as many as 4 USB peripherals from up to 50 meters away from your computer over a Cat 5 / 5e / 6 Ethernet cable.
The UCE3250 transmits data through signal packages with better compatibility and preserves the integrity of the data over long distances. The power supply at the remote UCE3250 unit helps provide sufficient power to any type of USB device, such as flash drives, keyboards, mice, webcams, scanners, or printers, etc.
With its durable metal housing, this high-quality USB extender provides a fast and flexible solution for industrial applications. In addition, the compact size and integrated wall mounting space-saving installation.

Anslutningsingång: 1x RJ45
Anslutningsingång: 1x USB 2.0
Anslutningsutgång: 1x RJ45
Anslutningsutgång: 4x USB 2.0 A Female
Antal anslutningar: 4-Port port(s)
Avtånd upp till: 50 m
Datahastighet: 0.48 Gbps
Effektförbrukning i drift: 13 W
Färg: Svart
Funktionskontroll: Automatisk
Kompatibel teknik: USB 2.0
Ljudstöd: Nej
Material: Metall
Mottagaringång: 1x USB B Female
Mottagarutgång: 1x RJ45 Hona
Sändaringång: 1x RJ45 Hona
Sändarutgång: 4x USB A Female
Typ av elektronisk enhet: USB
USB teknik: USB 2.0
Version: Cat5