Targus Qi Wireless Charging Stand 10W Black

Targus Qi Wireless Charging Stand 10W Black
Brand: Targus
649 SEK
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10W Qi Wireless Charging Stand

- Compatible with Qi wireless charging devices
- Variable power output with maximum 10W charging capability (supports Apple iPhone 8 or later @ 7.5W with latest iOS installed, or Samsung Galaxy S6 series or later @ variable 5W to 10W depending on device)
- Built-in power supply protection: Ensure safe use with over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection
- Charging circuits integrated into angled stand with ‘docking groove’ with the ability to charge in landscape or portrait mode
- LED light displays charging status
- 1m USB-A to USB-C cable included, ideal for adding wireless charging from Targus Docks or from a typical smart device charging adapter

Take the next step in ‘clean desk’ and add the Targus 10W Qi Wireless Charging Stand to your work station. Simply place you phone on the stand and let the wireless charging technology take care of the rest, whilst built-in Targus power protection ensures safe charging for your peace of mind.

Included USB cable allows you to place the stand in an ideal place in your work space and include your smartphone as a part of your work station without clumsy wires. You can place and charge your phone on the stand in landscape or portrait mode, ideal for displaying messages or video conferencing.

Based on Apple and Samsung specifications as of 19/09/2021. Maximum power requires 18W USB PD adapters.